Satoshi Fair Affiliate Disclosure

Satoshi Fair Affiliate Disclosure is a website that has a well planned structure that enables readers to easily navigate through and access links guiding them to the sites of their choice. The ease in which the website is designed makes the visitor comfortable to navigate. Online gaming has seen the site strive to reach many gamers and link them to the best that the casino world has in store.

Disclosure page’s aims  

Our goal at Satoshi Fair Affiliate is make a provision for the most updated and accurate and possible information about online gambling. It requires numerous regular updates because of the fast-changing nature of online gaming industry. To provide the services, the website has reviews from the best reviewers available. It also purchases hosting, web servers, and software and it costs some good amount of cash to run an updated Satoshi Fair website for gamers to enjoy.

Satoshi’s Affiliate Disclosure Funding 

Satoshi Fair Affiliate is funded through an affiliate marketing model of revenue. This means that the website gets some commission from various online gaming sites that it reviews in exchange for linking them to customers. However, Satoshi affiliate doses not accept payment for reviews that favour a given website. It accepts money from gaming sites that it risks its own funds on.

If the site is unwilling to play at a given online casino because it feels that maybe the risk it projects is quite high, it does not offer it to its clients. Satoshi Fair often waves off those funds it offers for making positive reviews, testimonials and backlinks for some gaming sites. Satoshi Fair maintains that its integrity is not worthy any dime, thus it can’t be sold. Satoshi Fair Affiliate is quite different from its rivals. Its business model supports profit sharing, contrary to what other sites promote. Most affiliate website models receive flat rate fees for referring gamers to gambling sites.

Its main mission 

Their major mission is to get gamers to buy products then deposit to other sites. After it is done, the rival firms are fully compensated and they do not mind what happens to the gamers any more. Satoshi Fair affiliate chooses a slower payment method that ensures that there is customer satisfaction with the sites they are guided too. When players make quick deposits then leave, Satoshi makes less or no money, or even lose money instead. It aims at after sale satisfaction and the customer’s happiness. The more the customer sticks around a site recommended by Satoshi, and the more they play, Satoshi earns its commission, provided the customer is satisfied. Immediately a player recommended by Satoshi quits playing, then it ceases making money.

Satoshi targets driving gamers to the most reputable and quality sites at their disposal, ones that the team individually vetted over time of hands-on-play. It’s prudent to note that Satoshi Fair affiliate disclosure does not accept any form of paid advertising on its site. All its product reviews are based on its own gaming experience.

Buying products via the link 

Satoshi Fair is committed to meticulous editorial standards to give readers accurate information on gaming sites. It may receive some compensation when visitors or readers click on links attached to the reviewed products.

Satoshi does not receive free services and products in return of the published affiliate links. In the gaming industry, those affiliates are simply given some commission for the promoted services. In case of something unclear about the reviewed casinos, readers are advised to contact Satoshi Fair customer support at their convenience. They should go to the contact page, mention their name and email, and then submit their message. The support will reply within an hour or so.

Trading Risk Disclaimer

Trading digital assets and any other financial products like cryptocurrencies and digital assets involves high risks. In fact cryptocurrencies pose a higher risk because of the decentralization and non regulation of the markets. Gamers must be aware that they might lose a good portion of their portfolio. Satoshi Fair is a linkage between players and their massive winnings. The risk that comes with the gaming on the linked casinos is worth appreciating. Clicking the links with the risks in mind prepares an iGamer for any sort of outcome, be it a win or a loss.


Satoshi Fair affiliate is licensed and legally operates within the jurisdiction of the gambling license. The links it provides are trustworthy and legit. It conforms to the regulations and rules set by the gaming licensing board.  This makes it the best place to visit and click on its offered links.

Its referrals 

The referral links that Satoshi offers are worthwhile and genuine. Casino gamers have an assurance of provable fairness and security in payouts. Igamers can never regret clicking on offered links for they are tested and authenticated gambling websites. Satoshi Fair Affiliate disclosure is the ultimate solution to information on the gaming industry. Players must take time to visit and click on its referrals for a better gaming experience.