Satoshi Fair Website

Why Satoshi Fair started its operations 

The website started its operations to adequately address the issues of iGaming. It has offered a platform for provably fair gambling with ultimate safety and security of the player’s payment and withdrawals. The need for an authentic platform engineered the starting of Satoshi Fair operations. With the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Satoshi Fair has greatly changed the iGaming face in the gambling industry. This gaming platform where players have every digital interaction within the games and are charged/rewarded to in making the gaming experience more unique and interactive through microeconomic incentives.

Content of the review 

  • Background
  •  Cryptocurrency and Satoshi Fair
  • Payment methods supported by Satoshi Fair
  • About Satoshi Fair
  • Advantages of Satoshi Fair payment options
  • Customer support

Provable fairness 


Satoshi Fair has sites with lots of slots from major reputable live game providers which can also be played. Satoshi Fair isn’t bad; it gives bonuses without wager requirements and has room for withdrawal. This casino is awesome because this shows that it is not out to mint money from players as it isn’t forcing one to play. More so, Satoshi Fair slot games give players a chance to win free bonuses and money every day. It has the experience that any gamer would wish to ever encounter. Its variety of games makes it stand out as a preferred gaming site for players who want authenticity and security.

Provable fairness 

Provable fairness is one aspect that all gamers will always look for when they are selecting a casino to game in. Satoshi Fair is among the first major iGaming providers to introduce the idea of “provable fairness”. It can be described as one algorithm that is used in analyzing and verifying fair play. Satoshi Fair is based on the method of cryptography which ensures the outcome of the gaming round is not affected by gamers and that gamers cannot know the result of the real gameplay.

Cryptocurrency and Satoshi Fair 

Cryptocurrencies are an effective way of payment in gaming as opposed to PayPal, and bank transfers. Bitcoin use has no hidden fees, and players need not wait for their money to move. Its use (Bitcoin) entirely eliminates exchange and handling fees since it is a peer-to-peer transaction between the player and Satoshi Fair, it cuts out middlemen.

Payment methods supported by Satoshi Fair 

It uses SatoshiPay among other cryptocurrencies. The pay is instant, secure, transparent, has low fees, and it is global.


Its blockchain powered solutions of payment give players access to their winning in seconds. It also ensures a seamless experience for the recipient and the casino/sender. Satoshi Fair has instant pay that assures players of zero delays in their transactions.


Its system has enterprise-based encryption, an authorization that has multi-signature and constant and standard software improvements.


Satoshi Fair is transparent in the way it relays its services to gamers. Nothing is hidden from the players and this enhances trust. In its transparency, it has openness, low fees, global, and inclusive.


Its open source solutions and immediate customer support to majorly keep one up to date with the operation of the website.

Low fees

With SatoshiPay, the gamer pays a fraction of what they would in comparison to traditional infrastructure payments.


All its products are built with the intention to offer international solutions and offer ultimate gaming solutions to all players.


With regard to compliance regulations, Satoshi solutions aim at enabling access to some advanced payment infrastructure with an email and payment wallet.

About Satoshi Fair

  • Satoshi Fair casino game choice is normally good. It has plenty of diverse game providers and blockchain games that its providers develop.
  • Satoshi Fair has everything needed to be at the top of the gaming industry. Its unique operation is way above the negativities.
  • Gamers can still make their payments through different payment options and that is an advantage for the site.
  • Its unique design is relatively simple and players can easily navigate. However, it can cause some issues whenever one scrolls fast.
  • It absolutely is an original casino. Apart from its original cryptocurrency, the casino offers unique original slots and games which are in-house developed.

Advantages of Satoshi Fair Payment option 

It has a flexible out of the box solution. More so, it supports global and currency-agnostic that allows players to use whatever currency they have and from whatever location the player is in. It also has low costs and immediate payouts because of its embrace of blockchain technology. Its fees are low in comparison to other traditional methods of payment.

Customer support 

The customer support at Satoshi Fair is generally good. It is always ready to help players with regard to any issue that poses a challenge to them while gaming. Gamers can access customer support via email address and live chat among other forms. They are always around for any queries.